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The wonderful 3 to 5 seconds before orgasm, but after the point of being able to go back. The connection is once WWII bombers were on a bomb path, they could not stray from it for any reason, known as the bomb-run.
I flew right up hair alley and commenced the bomb-run.
by UDM1234 October 07, 2011
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A Bomb Run is an alcoholic drink made from any combination of hard liquor and energy drink of the consumer's choice.

Each E or L is a standard shot glass
E for Energy drink

L for Liquor
The order of a bomb run is as follows>

A Bomb Run is a shot of Monster energy drink followed by a shot of vodka followed by monster followed by vodka followed by monster followed by vodka followed by two shots of monster.
by Sovereign_Co August 25, 2010
On a social networking site, usually Facebook, one will often come across two users having an argument.

A bomb run is to see the argument, analyse it, and comment it with a comment that obliterates one or both sides of the argument, hence 'bombing'. A bomb RUN, specifically, is to do it only once.

An Air Strike is similar, but relates to when you have been called upon for support by a party involved.
Ed totally took a bomb-run on that argument between David and Beth.
by AdamAnnihilate January 03, 2010

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