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One who gets out of the shower to take a piss in the toilet.
So the guy leaves the showers to take a leak. What a fuckin snissy, man!
by UDM1234 October 07, 2011
The morning after a particularly heavy night of beer and Mexican food, when that one icy drop of water splashes back up after your drop a turd and it hits the exact eyelet of your asshole, briefly causing your breath to catch in your throat.
The finger of the dead just about made me jump out of my skin this morning!!
by udm1234 October 07, 2011
The crotch of a woman who does not choose to wax the beav. Starts under the naval and ends at the bottom of the spine.
I pulled her panties off and witnessed the most extreme hair alley I have ever seen. I hit it anyways.
by UDM1234 October 07, 2011
The wonderful 3 to 5 seconds before orgasm, but after the point of being able to go back. The connection is once WWII bombers were on a bomb path, they could not stray from it for any reason, known as the bomb-run.
I flew right up hair alley and commenced the bomb-run.
by UDM1234 October 07, 2011
To aimlessly and mindlessly jiggle, cajole or slap a piece of equipment of which you have no understanding of in the hope that it miraculously 'heals' itself and becomes functional once more.
Bugger!! My laptop froze up!!

Here, lemme jimmyfuck with it.... There you go, good as new.

It's dead now....

It was working when I gave it back to you!
by UDM1234 October 25, 2011

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