Basically, semen. When you shoot your bolt, it means you've ejaculated. Often used in England and shit.
Nurse bitch: You shot your bolt! In my establishment!
guy bro: you like that? how's it taste?
by anonBRO March 24, 2011
Another word for cum

your sheets are coverd in bolt

She made me bolt

I bolted as soon as I got it in her
by Marma D September 02, 2003
N; a mountaineering anchor comprising a metal assembly placed in a hole drilled in rock; a masonry expansion anchor used in the context of mountaineering; in mountaineering, a conventional concrete or masonry anchor, as opposed to an improvised anchor such as a rivet or a dowel.

V.; to drill holes and place anchors during a mountaineering ascent, especially conventional masonry anchors, as opposed to improvised anchors; to ascend a climb in poor style, through the excessive use of drilled anchors.
The novices bolted their way up the cliff, ignoring the perfect cracks just to the right.
by Apollodorus May 04, 2006
head, commonly the chin or jaw
pap him in his bolt cuz
Give him two two paps on his bolt blud
by $ly April 06, 2006
1. (v) To lock up; put away safe

2. (n) A lock, commonly for a door

3. (n) Ammunition
Unless you fittin' on gettin' robbed, I'd dun bolt dat shit if I was you.

If you livin' in the ghetto, you best go down to the hardware store and buy yourself a bolt.

I keep my bolts in the glovebox 'case shit gets rough.
by QuaidV January 22, 2005
Meaning to go swiftly
Bolt ya radge
by Red Bull 1690 October 24, 2003
The assembly on most SMG and larger-class firearms that is responsible for the chambering of a new round, as well as the extraction of the spent casing. It is usually mounted on one or more spring-loaded guide rods, and is operated by a number of ways. From using the recoil force of the exploding powder charge to being manually pulled backwards and then forwards to battery again, it is an essential part of any automatic firearm.
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
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