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Pictures involving gruesome death of deer, normally caused by a car. More blood is better, common associated with pbnation where it first originated.
"Dude, someone posted Deer Gore in small talk again, that shit is old."
by grenadegloves January 09, 2008
Used to describe when a skateboard trick is stomped to perfection. Name comes from the rider landing with his feet over the bolts/trucks.

Also used in snowboarding when a trick is landed super clean.

If you see someone stomp something with zero sketch factor, yell "BOLTS!"
"He landed that treflip bolts"

Johnny: "Oh my god that was the cleanest switch nosepress ever!"
Simon: "BOLTS!"
by grenadegloves December 17, 2009
A university situated in Southern Ontario, it is acclaimed for its prestigious Engineering and Math programs.

It is also notorious in the poker world as a "Poker Factory", producing many of the top players in the WSOp, like Nenad Medic, Michael McDonald, Steve Black, Will Ma etc.
I hear your going to the University of Waterloo for Engineering! If that doesnt work out you can just pick up poker, there is something in the water there.
by grenadegloves April 24, 2009

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