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Term used to describe an older woman in search of a younger man. In effect, a cougar trying to google.
So, how’s the talent look where you’re at?

Not too bad; mostly older, though. The admin dressed to the nines and was trying to cougle. I think I might tap that ass!
#cougling #couglin' #cougar #google #coogle
by ayemac April 09, 2008
To extend one hand in the air at an angle with the index finger pointing in line, while the other is pulled back as if pulling a bow string back. The pose is that of the 100m world record holder Usain Bolt.
She thought he was attractive until he started Bolting. He's good looking - but he's NO Olympic medalist!
#bolt #bolting #usain #olympics #100m #number 1
by ayemac August 19, 2012
Just some dude who always eats fast food.
"What did he say his name was?"
"Man, I don't know - just put him down as Trives. He's in here all of the time!"
#trive #trives #fast #food #dude
by ayemac July 28, 2014
Rapid spread, growth or development of the act of Wenocide in fantasy football. A situation where many fantasy football owners start making foolish picks round after round.
Commissioner: "Why is everyone committing Wenocide? There's a freakin' Wendemic going on in here!"
#wenocide #fantasy football #commissioner #wendemic #rapid spread
by ayemac August 09, 2011
A culmination of genocide and suicide by any fantasy football owner named Wen; a deliberate and systematic destruction of many teams. In effect, a fatal move in the first few rounds that not only subjects HIS team to long term failure, but it also jeopardizes the success of any other team in need of that position.
Wen: “I’ll take Brady with my first pick at number nine.”
<three picks later>
Wen: “And with my second pick, I’m going with Manning!”
<chaos ensues; riots occur; owners are subsequently banned>
Commissioner: "Don't commit Wenocide!"
#wenocide #wendemic #fantasy football #wen #commissioner
by ayemac August 09, 2011
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