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A term used for skateboarding. When you do any type of trick that requires your feet to leave the board, catch it, and land with each foot directly on the bolts.
Damn! Eric tried to kickflip El Toro and bailed like a bitch, then Sam came and showed him up with his steezy frontside flip BOLTS!!
by $am1? December 04, 2008
sexy legs; a modern pejorative of what once was 'gams'.
daaaaaaaaaaamn check out the bolts on that redhead!
by youngjeezyforrealzy February 16, 2011
Term derrived in my school, which has spread.
Meaning 'hard'.
Often used to make others feel less 'bolt'
Gangstar: Don't think you're bolt now...
Person: I dont.
Gangsta: Yeah Im bolt!
by k1706 April 27, 2007
Usually a word that skaters use, to say it was ill, cool, bonkers, wild!!!!
That forward flip was bolts!!!!!
by KezzoSkates December 07, 2009
To be extremely cool,hot, or off the hook.
That new Mustang is bolt.
by Big Pimpin JG December 27, 2005
to leave (not necessarily in a hurry)
Damn man, I've got to bolt.
by Light Joker May 28, 2007
Another word for cum

your sheets are coverd in bolt

She made me bolt

I bolted as soon as I got it in her
by Marma D September 02, 2003