Looks Like A Funny Movie Beside the Fact That Miley Cyrus is in it.
Bolt Looks Hilarious
by Seagulls Of Santa!!! August 14, 2008
sexy legs; a modern pejorative of what once was 'gams'.
daaaaaaaaaaamn check out the bolts on that redhead!
by youngjeezyforrealzy February 16, 2011
Usually a word that skaters use, to say it was ill, cool, bonkers, wild!!!!
That forward flip was bolts!!!!!
by KezzoSkates December 07, 2009
Term derrived in my school, which has spread.
Meaning 'hard'.
Often used to make others feel less 'bolt'
Gangstar: Don't think you're bolt now...
Person: I dont.
Gangsta: Yeah Im bolt!
by k1706 April 27, 2007
To be extremely cool,hot, or off the hook.
That new Mustang is bolt.
by Big Pimpin JG December 27, 2005
To drink a beverage (preferably Snakebite) as quickly as possible with minimal spillage.

Only used by people in a higher position than yourself therefore often said to fresher.

Often done of one's own accord after posting unnecessary admin
He said I should "do the right thing" so I bolted
She had the slowest bolt i've ever seen!
Did you see that Fresher bolting?
With a great bolt comes great responsibility
by "Do the right thing" February 27, 2010
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