A word working as a replacement for the overused word "epic"

It can also mean intense, and other words relating.
"Dude, that movie was bolt!"

StevenCyanide:"I just got back from the show man"
KaylaKannibal: "Ahh how was it?"
StevenCyanide: "Bolt man, that band was bolt."

"Dude, I just saw this big riot on youtube, there were firearms, tear gas, women getting beat, children getting abducted..."

"That sounds bolt...wait are you talking about G 20?
by Galactoid Jess October 16, 2009
Bolt. Greasy mullet.
Bolt.Disease where crossed eyes appear and you grow a mullet.
Bolt. the act of being abnormally quiet/greasy/smart.
bolt. your mom on crack
Wow, look at that bolt.
Cody Lentz was diagnosed with bolt.
Jesus is acting very bolt today.
by ninjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacattt January 19, 2009
London slang: Basically the same as beat.
'Cause any trouble they'll bolt the shit out of ya!' Carlin from Scum, 1979.
by Kilo Lobo June 14, 2003
a shot of cum that travels at a high speed, often shot at a females face, more commonly down the back of her throat
oh shit, shoot a bolt!

id shoot a bolt down her throat

i shot a big bolt all over her
by oz May 23, 2003
Nazi symbol "SS" drawn in the shape of lightning bolts, used by white supremecists.
Crackerass ho had a bolts tat on her wrist.
by Tim McDickhole June 04, 2004
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