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A term used in reference to newspaper headlines printed in bold face type, which are outright lies. Such headlines are only intended to sell newspapers, not to publish truth.
Although Truman won the election, the newspaper headline proclaimed "DEWEY WINS" before the election results were official. At best it was wishful thinking; at worst it was a bold face lie. So much for the credibility of the news media.
by hog wire January 18, 2009
A phrase someone says where they are trying to sound cool but you can clearly tell they are lying.
smart kid: "I totally failed that test"
other kid: "thats a boldface lie"
by maximus190 April 14, 2006
A bold face lie occurs when someone is bold enough to lie to your face, eventhough it's obvious the person is lying.
Shaniqua told her man, Tyrone, a bold face lie when she said the baby was his. It was obvious the child was by a white man--it had blonde hair and blue eyes.
by Senica Harris August 02, 2006
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