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the intense orgasm that is associated with listening to bo burnhams work
Person- I totally had a bogasm when I saw Bo Burnhams new song.

*watches words, words, words.*

by 0u75jklscf7 September 14, 2010
Nebraska Cornhusker fans orgasmic reaction when Bo Pelini is mentioned.
John has a bogasm everytime another rumor about Bo Pelini become our next coach
by Husker Harry October 26, 2007
n. Contraction of Bogus + Orgasm. 1. A Fake Orgasm. 2. Kindly pretending to be completely satisfied, though not so, yet with such realism as to actually appear orgasmic. 3. A feeling inside yourself that you are happy to excess, yet not quite... i.e: Its the right car, but the color is off.
Her bogasm convinced him he was the boss-man in bed. One bogasm after another was too-much for her, maybe she had asked for too much out of him. Before eating the chocolate cake, she became bogasmic, her friends knew the mouth-gasm was next.
by we6w August 21, 2009
The feeling of complete satisfaction and happiness after you eat anything from bojangles, especially boberry biscuits. Shouting "AHH, THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER HAD!" and the occasional moan are also considered part of the bogasm..
Ben experianced a massive bogasm after taking his first bite of a boberry biscuit.
by Love Wedge April 29, 2009
having excretion come from one's nipple during sex or pleasuring.
Lucy bogasmed on her shirt and ruined it after watching the porn with Susan.
by wrldruler June 12, 2003
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