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3 definitions by we6w

Within the Vagina, up and up and in. An area normally dormant in a female that requires careful stimulation and minipulation for 1 to 2 hours and possibly longer. One that increases in temperature and firmness with manipulation and eventually a relaxing of the vaginal wall during intercourse thereby causing a false sense of orgasm. The careful concentration of sexual drive completes this faux orgasm and the spasm ultimate occurs and the finality of female pleasure is achieved -- often accompanied by partner fulfillment.
Impressively, the orgasm occurred after understanding and responding to her G-Spot. The Graffenburg location -- long believed a myth, was, in fact, under my control! My uneducated, yet rapidly accellerated prowess had excited the very thing I believed not to exist -- The Graffenburg Spot!
by we6w December 07, 2009
9 1
n. Contraction of Bogus + Orgasm. 1. A Fake Orgasm. 2. Kindly pretending to be completely satisfied, though not so, yet with such realism as to actually appear orgasmic. 3. A feeling inside yourself that you are happy to excess, yet not quite... i.e: Its the right car, but the color is off.
Her bogasm convinced him he was the boss-man in bed. One bogasm after another was too-much for her, maybe she had asked for too much out of him. Before eating the chocolate cake, she became bogasmic, her friends knew the mouth-gasm was next.
by we6w August 21, 2009
5 0
Flitch: Any of the slighlty pasty liquid formations often found in the eyeducts or between the toes (See Toe Jam), but a little more wet, often flicked from the finger when removed and making a sound when hitting a wall -- Flitch!
Suffering from a cold, the buildup of eye flitch required a tissue to clean.
by we6w August 20, 2009
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