Upper Hutt, Wellington New Zealand
Wellington maybe the capital of New Zealand but one of its suburbs, Upper Hutt, is the Bogan Capital of New Zealand
by Brother Number One November 13, 2003
Top Definition
n. slang term for where a bogan resides. Places such as the pub, Campbelltown or the local TAB.
Hey, this town's like boganville.
by Tan Nguyen December 13, 2003
the area in which the bogan usually resides. The bogan congregates in groups usually around utes and near the pub. Passers by may be abused by bogans, this abuse having no effect because of its pure mindlessness. When at their most aggravated they hurl empty beer cans at passers by. usually they r too slack to do anything.
cindy: hey lets go down the pub for a change.
Many: no way that is utter boganville.
by Anje October 14, 2003
Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

biggest boganville ever

pretty sure i've never seen more bogans in my life
Boganville represent lol
by Poop. February 15, 2008
Port Adelaide, South Australia

this also includes the surrounding suburbs, such as Osbourne, Peterhead, Ethelton, and especially Taperoo (Craperoo)

essentially one of many breeding grounds of bogans in Adelaide. Another excellent example is Elizabeth, except the difference is that in Elizabeth you are likely to be stabbed, as opposed to be bothered for change.
BOGAN: Oi bruz you gotta smoke?

HUMAN: *to themself* .. man I gotta stop coming to this Boganville...
by aj543 June 12, 2008
The popular name for Christchurch New Zealand on account of it being filled with rugby boofheads and boot boys
I think I'll go into Boganville tonight for a scrap
by 12 Volts May 30, 2006
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