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the ghetto of adelaide
yo yo yo! youz be up in da shiznit dawg
by ELyse October 22, 2004
Port Adelaide entered the AFL in 1997 for people to laugh at. The team has since been a joke, especially in recent years.

Their coaching team has a policy of "winning by fluke" such as the occasion in round 5 earlier this year when they secured 4 points upon a half-strength St Kilda side.

Since 1997, Membership and game numbers are on a steady decline, and the club recently having to accept sympathy money from the AFL and SANFL.
Wanna hear a joke? Port Adelaide
by presidentelliot October 23, 2010
The best AFL team out there! I am a supporter and must admit it is a bit of a ghetto where people wear snoop dogg clothing and dada
Port Adelaide, the team that won the AFL Primership in 2004.
by none October 30, 2004
A sporting choke.
That Football side did a Port Adelaide.
by Go Dees November 03, 2003

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