Australian Slang meaning redneck... but different. So you know those guys that listen to guns and roses wear flanos and have a mullet and handle bar moustache thats a bogan
"Mam I sure love guns and roses and Flanos,"
"U r such a bogan"
by FaroutBrusselsprout2 April 14, 2008
Bogan is a derogatory slang term for somebody who is perceived as being an unfashionable "lower-class" person, living in deprived urban areas. Unfortunately they are typically in the southern united states.
"Stop stealing my garbage, you stupid bogan!" or "Why do bogans feel it's ok to wear a mullet?"
by Brent allen April 01, 2007
A Collingwood supporter.
1.Mate, do you go for Collingwood?
by Footyislife July 08, 2012
A mystical creature. Sports a mullet or similar gay hairstyle and a handlebar moustache or beard. Wears a flanny that doesn't fit, singlet, ugg boots, thongs, vfl league shorts, ripped jeans, AC/DC shirts and/or gay sunnies. Big beer belly. Often seen with a meat pie and VB in a holden swearing, "orh, ya farkin karnt! get outta me way! me sheila made dinnar and arm farkin starvin mate! the footys on in 5 minutes! i gotta get 'ome befor me sheila drinks me beer and smokes me ciggies mate!" Their religion is Cricket and GayFL and Holdens and Fords. When calm talks about shit no one cares about like his twin turbo and some Indian guy he saw the other day or watches GayFL. Will soon enrage him after Collingwood loses by 87 points. Stand in his way and you're a goner. Terrible accent. When rent of the flat is overdue by two weeks, he allows the landlord a night with his "sheila" or daughter.
Human 1: Who's that ugly kid with the mullet and freckles?
Human 2: I think that's a bogan.
Bogan: Orh, hay mate. Watch the footy last noight?
Human 1: We don't watch primitive sports. Sorry.
Bogan: Whaarrt!! I crashed in ta this plaice ta torlk about boegarn shiat!! And whaarts warshe, no VB!!
by sydney fc sucks_ November 20, 2010
A bogan is a person (normally found in Tasmania, Australia) Who wears Dada, Eminem, Fubu, dirty dog and torn pants that may have holes in them.
Most of them talk as if there's something wrong with the way that their mouth looks, also, Most of their sentences contain the words:
"cunt "
"i'm gonna"
Most of them tend to come from the "bogan schools" like Cosgrove and Rosetta, Newtown also has a reputation for being full of bogans.

Bogans tend to walk around streets in groups, or drive around in an old Holden or Ford.
If you have any large amount of money on you when you see a bogan, hide it.
"Look at that bogan there! His ego must be the size of a wall, he could be the fifth wall!"
A Typical bogan saying:
"I'm gonna knife you cunt!"
by CheseCMan May 04, 2006
A chap of individuality to be admired. Doesn't give a big curly rat's arse whether his shirt is politically correct if it is effective. Has identified the value of Big W check shirts. Is more likely to have a shed full of supercheap and old holden workshop manuals than a wardrobe full of Julien Marnot's silk ties and Armani shoes. If stranded on a lonely road is more likely to fix a breakdown with barbed wire and a fresh split sapling than simper about 3G coverage. Not often seen in the company of pencilneck peckerheads.
Big Kev. Has a holden ute and one for spares. Has a wardrobe full of bogan shirts. Used to drink VB until he found out coopers home brew ginger beer is cheaper.

Pete... a semi bogan. Admires the durability of a check shirt, but reluctant to be considered unfashionable.
by Big Kev 77 March 16, 2011
Australian term used to describe members of society that are a combination of what the Yanks call Rednecks, Jocks and Trailer Park Trash. most likely found wearing mockies, flanalette shirts and consuming VB (bad Aussie beer). Large amount of bogans can be found living in The Borough, Bendigo, Aust.
"check out the bogans in that pos commodore"
by Athene \\\'n\\\' Mah Davels May 21, 2003
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