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Another Variety of Marijuana, one of the best tastes I ever got to toke, it got a fruity flavour and scent. And it also offers a transcendental buzz.
Dude#1: Hey Dude, it's boring let's go smoke some nebula.
Dude#2: Good idea.
by Itoke July 30, 2006
An awesome stoner-rock band from Palm Desert, same as fellow stoner-rock bands Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Nebula are a proper stoner-rock band, not posers. They make music to mong to.
Stoner: Dude, you gotta hear some Nebula! They're so much better when you're high!
Ignorant Kid: Nah, I prefer Fall Out Boy
by desperate_d April 20, 2009
A person that eats a lot of junk food and smokes marijuana almost every day. large amount of food combined with the smoking of marijuana will often create a rather large muffin top.
Dude look at that muffin top, he must be a Nebula.
by dingleberrie February 22, 2012
A cool/1337 counter-strike player.
Look its a bird, look its a plane, no look it's NEBULA! dun dun dun!
by Jehhry.1337 March 18, 2005
A legendary leet cs player.
You better recognize Nebula cause he just pwned you right now!
by The-Jehry / Flip March 21, 2005