A stinky, dirty, red-nosed, can picking, bike stealing, oldsmobile robbing, EXCO wearing, welfare cheating, knife toting, lysol chugging, indian mainly from Saskatchewan Canada, specifically high concentrations in north central Regina. Quite possibly the lowest form of life I've ever come across ...be very careful when travelling to these areas as the bogans may appear hilarious but they will rob you in an instant. Note - this definition is not racist just a very accurate account of our home town thugs. See also pelletier (many of them have this as a last name).
Shit that bogan just stole my Nikes and sold them for a bottle of listerine.
by The Martell Family February 06, 2005
(Aust & NZ) An uncouth, uncivilised individual, usually from a working- or lower-class background.

Synonyms: Yobbo, Yob, Derro, Gronk

Origin: Melbourne, Vic 1980s
Windale, NSW is a good example of a place where you can easily find a lot of bogan types.
by millsy86 November 26, 2012
Bogan - A term used to describe lower-class Australians.

Female Bogans- Usually wear either really skinny tight jeans or really flared ones with thongs, an oversized hooded jumper and lots of eyeliner. Hair is usually slicked back with flicks of oily hair that dangle over the forehead like a dead mouse.
They also usually have bad skin, LOTS of orange foundation and some have ratty hair extensions.

Male Bogans- Usually wear Bali Bintang singlets, tatty denim shorts and thongs. Their hair is usally cut into a "fob cut" and sometimes even has a rat's tail. They are often seen with a VB (cheap Australian beer) in hand. They also use swear words out loud and in public a lot of the time.

Bogan names- Krystal, Chez, Darryn, Jorja, Taylah, Tiarny-Rae, Nikita, Shakeelah, Tysen, etc.
It's more often the spelling that's bogan than the actual name. But any name's that end in 'Leigh' or 'Rae' are sure to be very bogan.
Sarah: Check those two bogans over there! Ew.
Jane: Ew that's Krystal-Leigh and her boyfriend Darryn. Ew, he's holding a VB and she's got her ratty hair extentions in. So ew!
by classsy January 19, 2011
A Term used to describe some young delinquent men from upper hutt who drive around in Holden HQs, Drink shitloads of DB Draught, Lion Red and other Cheap Beer as long as it comes in Flagons or 745ml Bottles, The Love 6 cylinder V8 engines, bands such as AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Led Zepplin, Judas Priest, Old Metallica, and Motorhead, They wear Black Jerseys, Black Jeans and Doc martin Boots and occasionally a t-shirt of the forementioned band. Most of them have mullets but some of them just cant be arsed heading down to the barber for a haircut and often grow it to wherever it wants, a Few of them shave off there hair and are mistaken for skinheads.

drink outta tha 750ml bottle m8 or are u chickenshit?

Iron Maiden is the beast of all bands m8.
by Brother Number One July 08, 2004
i went to a heavy metal concert and there were so many bogans
by napier bogan March 19, 2012
A mystical creature. Sports a mullet or similar gay hairstyle and a handlebar moustache or beard. Wears a flanny that doesn't fit, singlet, ugg boots, thongs, vfl league shorts, ripped jeans, AC/DC shirts and/or gay sunnies. Big beer belly. Often seen with a meat pie and VB in a holden swearing, "orh, ya farkin karnt! get outta me way! me sheila made dinnar and arm farkin starvin mate! the footys on in 5 minutes! i gotta get 'ome befor me sheila drinks me beer and smokes me ciggies mate!" Their religion is Cricket and GayFL and Holdens and Fords. When calm talks about shit no one cares about like his twin turbo and some Indian guy he saw the other day or watches GayFL. Will soon enrage him after Collingwood loses by 87 points. Stand in his way and you're a goner. Terrible accent. When rent of the flat is overdue by two weeks, he allows the landlord a night with his "sheila" or daughter.
Human 1: Who's that ugly kid with the mullet and freckles?
Human 2: I think that's a bogan.
Bogan: Orh, hay mate. Watch the footy last noight?
Human 1: We don't watch primitive sports. Sorry.
Bogan: Whaarrt!! I crashed in ta this plaice ta torlk about boegarn shiat!! And whaarts warshe, no VB!!
by sydney fc sucks_ November 20, 2010
Bogan can be used in different contexts. Theres the lower life scum with bad/limited education, wife beater etc.. and there's the metalhead. A bogan is a metal head. Someone who listens to dimmu borgir etc. They genreally dress to such extend too.
Someone who listens to metal music. A bogan.
by Darkness_Belongs September 28, 2010

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