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Extremely successful.

Typically used to describe a movie, play, or other performance.

1. A huge success; a smash hit

2. Star of the eponymous Mister Boffo cartoon strip

Origin: Probably a blend of box office. Or a varient of bóóffoo or boffola (I kid you not)
The latest masterpiece from William Shatnergets boffo reviews. Rolling Stone gives it four stars.
by Mandingoe September 29, 2004
Originally a joke shop in Terry Pratchett's Discworld, run by a witch.

1- An item from joke shop

2- The things that people expect to see, the thing that makes a witch seem real. An illusion.
"I bought a Boffo Cauldron today."

"People expect a witch to have bad skin and warts, but she has a lovely complexion, so she has to order warts from Boffo."

"Boffo intimidates people and makes people respect you. Otherwise, they won't take you seriously."
by AnkhianMorePork October 31, 2011
1920's, Dollars, berries, or jack, money, particularly pieces of currency.
Hand over the boffos, Al, I need to get to the bank before it closes.
by Bob Proczko October 16, 2006
Fuckin' a bitch between her big ol' titties.
Yeah man, I fucked her big ol' titties boffo style, son!
by osibisa November 06, 2007
a word used to describe something EXTREMELY funny, replacing hahahahah or lmao b.c those words dont quite fit how funny we are.
he is so fat its BOFFO.
by Gabbi & Robbie November 15, 2006
Its like slang for fetch---from England.
Ash, your shirt is soo boffo!

Damn, that car is boffo.
by Bridg N' Ash April 09, 2005
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