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The only suffix to your name that you can have that succeeds PhD.
My name is John Smith, MBA, P. Eng, @gmail.com
by BossMC March 06, 2005
Limfac is a short form for "limiting factor," often used by technicial and military people to describe a device or procedure's weakest or least efficient part. See also achilles heel.
The car's tiny engine was the limfac for it's ability to accelerate.
by BossMC January 15, 2005
"The Finger" refers to the middle finger, that is, the third finger from either side of your hand. When it is raised on its own and pointed at someone, it means "fuck you," or similar. This symbolism was created by the Greeks, and gets its definition from the fact that the hand takes the shape of a penis and testicles.
Boy: "Did that guy just give me the finger?"
Girl: "I think so. Maybe you should quit being such an asshole."
by BossMC March 06, 2005
Slang for a penis.
My peenadoo is 9 1/2 inches, and my friend's that I am considering for a threesome is 8 inches.
by BossMC November 09, 2004
A procedure or task that is not a challenge.
After robbing that liquor store, buying presents for my son's birthday was pure disco.
by BossMC December 27, 2004
What the Toronto Star said about Jessica Alba in a bikini. I don't fucking get it, do you?
Who would have thought Jessica Alba would look boffo in a bikini?

Why does The Star always use BS slang that no one gets?
by BossMC October 12, 2005
The HEMI was the shape of the combustion chambers of some of the most powerful and successful Chrysler engines in the '70s, the most notable one being the 426. The shape was in use long before Chrysler came up with it; the earliest HEMIs can be found in engines built in the '20s.

Now, the HEMI is proof that brand name affinity sells cars, and that nothing in the automotive industry is sacred. The current design is a ripoff of a Porsche design. If you want to visualise what the current HEMI head looks like, take a pear, cut it in half lengthwise, and lie it down. The big circular section is where the intake valve is, and the small one is where the exhaust valve is. The TWO spark plugs reside at the "waist" of this pear-shape, one on each side. Note that there isn't two plugs for added performance, but rather because one plug off to the side couldn't hope to burn all of that fuel.
I park my Dodge Ram with the HEMI right next to my new Olds 4-4-2 minivan and Ford Escort Boss 429.

Damn, I wish someone told me that this HEMI crate engine weighed 5000lb and is only suitable for drag racing.
by BossMC April 08, 2005

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