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1) having sex ; british term that is making an American debut

2) a sport popular with the geeky male population of Ashland, Oregon which consists of hitting each other with home made weaponry made out of plastic pipes, foam and duct tape. strict rules but a loose concept, fun to watch, mostly a male dominated sport.
1) yeah, i dumped my boyfriend because i found out he was boffing the girl next door.

2) on saturday, my boyfriend goes boffing with his friends. I mean the sport.
by Violent Violet May 20, 2007
Having sex with; Sometimes used to imply a secret sexual relationship. Also implying casual sexual relationship.

"Boffing" is a less offensive term than "fucking" and therefore the term boffing is more readily used in polite company.

humping fucking screwing
"No one knew he was boffing the librarian every night on stacks of books."
"Fill my cavity," she yelled, while wildly boffing him on the dentists chair.
by Knightword March 03, 2008
Having sex.
British in orgin.
I boffed the girl I met at the club real good.
by tom sawyer May 28, 2005
having sex, screwing
From Tom Clancy's "The Sum of all Fears:" "Honey, I can't tell the President I was late for work because I was boffing my wife across the street."
by El Pyro June 05, 2005
The sport of choice for completely nerdy people with no social life. One could call them the "star wars" types. It consists of hitting each other with gay, homemade (usually duct tape) swords that look strangely like penises. All it does is make people who are already disliked or ignored by everyone look even more ridiculous.

-here is a url to a picture of a boffing sword (what did i tell you? looks like a penis doesn't it)
by xtaylorx516 July 16, 2008
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