Someone of the opposite sex who is closer to you than a best friend but not close enough to be a lover.
Hey Boe! There's room in my bed with me if the couch is too uncomfortable for you to sleep on!
by lukejenks April 27, 2010
"boe"(verb) "boed"(past tense) "boeing" (continous) Another word for saying "having sex". Translated from a traditional language, it meant "eating" but later it was evolved to be used by youngsters who were too shy to use the word "sex".
I was boeing this chick last night and it felt good.

After I was done boeing her, I boed her some more!
by 0mikey0 May 18, 2009
A fun word for Blowjob, head, gettin your dick sucked, you get the idea.

pronounced "bow" like bow and arrow
"Hey gurl gimme sum boe!"

"hey imma get some boe from my girlfriend tonite cud"

"Ughhh that nigga got boe from that ugly ho?"
by Big C tha Jerk September 16, 2009
A friend or acquaintance or someone in the area
Whas good boe?, Jus Chill Boe!, Aight Boe!

Me: Aye Boe......Lemme hold a Dolla an i got you tommorow
Friend: Ok Boe

Southern/Florida Word
by Cuzz86 March 09, 2007
a shorter way of saying lesbian, lesbo, cause its the end of lesbo
Eww look at those two boes kissing. I hate when girls kiss since i'm a girl and it makes me want to throw up.
by Eminem's lover June 09, 2009
Back Of the Envelope, a rough calculation, said to be made in a hurry on the back of a scrap of paper, see BOEC
How much is gravity on the moon?
My BOE calculation is about 1.6 m/s/s
by grapes July 18, 2004
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