Commonly used to refer to sticky shit stuck on asshole hairs. see dingleberry
But can be used as a deraugatory term to describe someone tailgating you.
"i hate this piece of shit on my ass, fucking bodagget."
by walrus cock March 30, 2009
Top Definition
Little pieces of crustified shit that dry on the tips of anal shrubery
The next day I was washing my butt crack and notices I had bodaggets stuck to my ass hair.
by Caesar May 16, 2003
poopy crumbs caught in your butt hair
My hairy ass is full of bodaggets.
by Donis Peterson December 04, 2003
Nasty pieces of poopoo that just will not come off my butthole!
It take's me a half of a roll of shit paper to get the Bodaggets off my ass!
by Dingelous Berrious March 01, 2006
a crusty piece of crap. also known as christina w.
What a flippin bodagget!
by ashleyb January 11, 2005
nasty piece of shit that smells bad
Mike G. "omg that is fucking gross" shit
by Alex January 13, 2005
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