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to have a big dick
Dude, I'm hung like a horse. or Damn, he's hung like an army mule!
by caesar December 09, 2003
When you shit into a tube sock, then hit someone in the face with it and scream "Hot Karl!"
Yo, your roommate is a dick. Let's hit him up with a Hot Karl tonight.
by Caesar October 11, 2003
Little pieces of crustified shit that dry on the tips of anal shrubery
The next day I was washing my butt crack and notices I had bodaggets stuck to my ass hair.
by Caesar May 16, 2003
mope best website evar
better than others, like hardocpee
by caesar March 30, 2003
To have sex or bone.
I really have to lay some pipe!
by caesar December 09, 2003
a mispelling of school, you idiot
i go to school, but have never been to shcool
by Caesar March 07, 2005
A place where where you pay them to teach you even though you have no choice.
Joe: Hooked up fonics really phucked me up!
by Caesar January 15, 2005

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