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in hokkien (chinese dialect), it means a male/guy does not have testicles to do things that other people do not think are especially difficult

literally, it means balless, coward

1. Can you don't be so boci? just go and talk to the girl!
2. Damn boci la you!

3. Haha...don't expect too much for him!because he is boci!
by wiipeng May 03, 2009
7 4
(BO-see) An acronym standing for Boy of Current Interest. It means a male you are presently crushing on. The opposite of the term GOCI .
"I was talking to Jack, my BOCI the other day."

- "Did you hear who her BOCI was?"
- "Yeah, I heard it was Steve"
by AutumnWalker March 07, 2009
2 2
A fat ass trox with a huge belly.
Boci put your pants back on.
by Anonymous March 25, 2003
8 10