A term derived from Lancashire, in the North West of England.

It means someone who looks good, or is well presented, often said to someone who is "dressed to impress" for an event or party
"Your Susie looks a reyt bobby dazzler tonight"

"Ohh arn't you a bobby dazzler"
by Ashash January 09, 2008
Top Definition
Quaint coloquial term from northern England pertaining to someone very special indeed, either through good looks or by simply wearing something fancy. Your daughter on her birthday might be termed a bobby dazzler, maybe even your missus on a night out if she scrubs up well enough.
"My, that Cathy bird's a reet bobby dazzler!"
by Barlos the Jackal November 25, 2003
a real tasty geezer
someone who you'd be proud to accompany to the local drinking establishment for a few sweet sherries.
'ere, that Mike's a proper Bobby Dazzler - have you seen his suit , must have cost 'im a few quid!
by missjilly March 26, 2005
The shitty pair of shoes that your one nerdy friend always wore back in the days of High School.
Friend: Aight Melvin, look at those bobby dazzlers! Where'd you get 'em from?
Nerdy lad: Shoezone for a tenner.
by Worrying Anal Seepage November 24, 2014
Another word for really good boobs
Wowza!! Did you see her bobby dazzlers?!

She had a low cut top with her bobby dazzlers hanging out!
by Loopsy November 09, 2014
phrase invented by david dickinson to describe anything worth describing. can give fame to anything once said... an antique, a checkers player, a KFC meal, a sock. no-one knows who the real man bobby dazzler is, possibly he is jesus or the triple d in cognito.
"wow that kfc popcorn chicken was a bobby dazzler, let me tell you!"
"yep, it'd make the duke proud!"
by failure33object April 23, 2005
A fart that is raspy and tickles the anus when released.
"My dear, that was a bobby dazzler of a fart."
"Wow, that was a wet bobby dazzler!"
by Jordan January 04, 2004
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