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a legal medical procedure for the taking of ones life regardless of their age.
Joe is such a loser and disliked by so many people that he is the perfect candidate for a retroactive abortion.
by tellitizaman September 10, 2010
a unit of measure regarding to the top end speed of something.
when asked by the officer how fast he was going bill replied "im not sure but it was pretty ballsout.
by tellitizaman September 06, 2010
Pinocchio Dick is when you get stuck with a four hour erection because you lied to your girl friend about taking Viagra.
Bills wife was both happy and sad that he had a bad case of Pinocchio dick last week.
by tellitizaman September 11, 2010
the act of exposing the male genitalia at any water sport or exhibition.
i cant believe hank decided to pull a freewillie at seaworld.
by tellitizaman September 02, 2010
the act of a female giving someone sex.
dont waste your time or money on that bartender the only one shes giving it up to is her boyfriend the bouncer.
by tellitizaman September 15, 2010
The constant fear that you will be outbid on something youre bidding for on ebay.
Elaine is so stuupid she cant even sleep due to her ebayanoia.
by tellitizaman September 17, 2010
when your balls dry up and become shinny and hard.
when judy grabed a handful of bills nuts she screamed "oh shit why didnt you tell me you had foose balls ? " and ran out of the room.
by tellitizaman September 15, 2010

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