Pandering, unfunny television show that appeals to borderline retarded tossbags who shouldn't be allowed to own a television or use metal cutlery. Created by Leigh Francis, The sketches involve him parodying celebrities by donning a rubber mask and putting on a silly voice...and that's it. Oh wait a minute he also makes quite few reference to the female genitalia during said sketches as well. The whole doing ludicrous impressions of celebrities thing was done by Reeves and Mortimer some ten years previous to when this shit show came out and they were much funnier and inventive. One famous impression is of Michael Jackson who talks in street lingo for some reason. The point of this sketch seems to be being black, talking in a certain way and saying the word motherf***** a lot is in some way funny in itself. The show's most famous character is Avid Merrion who is a vaguely foreign character who wears a neckbrace and is a celebrity stalker. This character was created so that Francis could have an excuse to grab the arses of the various female celebrities who appear on his show. Various no hoper celebritys who have taken part in the shows' mock interviews include that dipshit from the band Busted, Patsy Kensit, and various others I can't be bothered to name. Slightly slow witted people will have you believe that their particiption in the show is somehow subversive in some way. It's not it's schmoozing bullshit of the highest order. It's fans usually pretend to like it because they want to be part of the herd and can't think for themselves, never quite knowing the why they like it other than the fact their "friends" like it too. When professing your hatred for the show they look confused. When asked to justify their love for it they usually look at their shoes, shuffle awkwardly and mutter "well the first season was funny..."
Idiot:"I like Bo selecta and also laugh at films such as scary movie and Meet the Spartans. Richard Blackwood rulez lol"

Comedy: (dies)
by Idespair April 05, 2009
Top Definition
Means, literally "Good DJ", but is used to salute a DJ in a club. Used by many of the kestrel-owning populace of Yorkshire, England. They are famous for their weak bladders and poor music.
"Bo selecta! Kes ya bastard! Proper Bo, I tell thee!"
by Craig Phillips October 29, 2003
"bo" = good
"selecta" = DJ and/or his/her choice of tune
"crowd say 'bo selecta'"
eg: nice tune/selection
by DJ QC August 06, 2003
Basically means good DJ.

Bo = good (as in "Proper Bo")
Selecta = person who selects the tunes (i.e DJ)
Re-Rewind when the crowd say "Bo Selecta"

As said in Rewind by The Artful Dodger feat. Craig David
by Andrew Simm July 27, 2003
1. Something extra good.
2. A shoutout to a good DJ (which usually refers to 1).
3. General proclemation (as in Dude!).
1. This food be bo selecta.
2. Bo Selecta! Them tunes rawk!
3. Bo Selecta! I just put my naked arse on the pizza!
by Brian Eakerous December 28, 2003
TV Show about taking the piss from celebrities. Stars Avid Merrion.

Craiiiiiig David!
Come on Kes! Let's go on the CRAIIIIIG DAVID tour bus!
I'm dead scary!
Tracy Shaw, she so sexy she makes me do a sex wee!
by Caz June 26, 2004
1.A phrase made popular by a Craig David song. Used to show joy or dissmay.
2.One of the best comdey programmes ever to grace Ch4
1. "Oh no...I've pissed me selecta."
by Jeff24 July 09, 2003
can mean anything depends on your mood
good thing just happened = "aw bo selecta!!"

bad thing just happened = "bo selecta!!"
no reason = "bo selecta"
by duality4eva July 25, 2004
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