A good tv show taking the piss out of celebrities.
See Avid Merrion.
"Proper Bo' I tell thee!."-Craaaaig Daaavid.
by GirlSkater February 23, 2004
Respect for the dude.
"'e is the man! Me say BO SELECTA!"
by Edward Sheldon June 22, 2003
Also spelt as Bo-Selector.
Wickedest Bro!, nice set of choons!!
by Bruce Lee March 29, 2003
It dont really mean anything, its just a word...
It can be bad...
It can be good...
Or it can be neither...
Oh no, I pissed bed again, BO'SELECta...

I just been toilet wi' mi gran, Bo'selECTA!!!...

I dont really care, bo'selecta...
by Zoolook May 24, 2004
i tv show, that includes a random guy doing random impressions of random celebraties. all in all its really quite random.
Bo' selecta had a dramatic increase in popularity during the christmas period due to the going-to-be one hit wonder: propa chrimbo
by random_bulldog January 15, 2004
Bestest prog on C4
I 'AM' petaay pan, sharmone mutha fucka, Look at my badass, ho ho ho selecta!
by robbiebo January 07, 2004
A group of rubber masked celebrities with yorkshire accents.
Bo selecta I tell thee!
by Anonymous August 29, 2003

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