A board game that is Pictionary for the blind.
Come on Pat, lets go play some blurt, pictionary for the blind.
by KReck May 15, 2005
When a male ejaculates in a comedy fashion. ALSO: the term can be used to describe a foolish person.
"Dude, I'm about to blurt"

"Hey blurt, where's me ganj?!"
by Monkeybuttpadje February 17, 2003
the need to exit a situation
i was walkin innocently da other day enjoyin a nice stroll in da park n then suddenly beyond da bushe i c...oh my god...wt the fuk?!..60 yr old ho getin it on wit my homeboy. BLURT one time
by 21 August 06, 2003
make a scene--not warranting attention--because of message absentiesm
caused a curious blurt
by jsn May 17, 2005
A word used to describe scouse wannabe wools and Liverpool fans
Come here you bleedin blurt ya!
by Manc76 October 30, 2015
Used when describing the act of ejaculating in a non-romantic situation
"Her forehead was so big I couldn't resist blurting on it"
by FQV August 23, 2014

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