Children who say racially and religiously insensitive things by mistake.
Some Blurts shout out, "Look, she's having a baby," when encountering someone with a weight problem.
Someone that cannot keep a secret, especially when they fiercely claim otherwise. New gossip is immediately shared, with vigorous enthusiasm, and to the disappointment of the confider.
Lisa, "Okay, but you can't tell Dave"
Pennie, "I PROMISE, I would never tell him"

Lisa, "Sometimes I blow my ex-boyfriends"
Pennie, "Gasp!"

Two minutes later, dave walks in.

Pennie, "Hi Dave!! tehehehehe"

Dave, "What's so funny, Pennie?"
Pennie, "Oh nothing, except Lisa blows her ex-boyfriends ahahahaahahahaha"

Lisa, "What the fuck Pennie?"
Pennie, "what did I do?"
Lisa, "Jesus, your such a BLURT!"
by Currybutt Wannalick? January 07, 2014
When someone or something shots unknown liquid out of a open passage!

She blurted on my sofa.

it was soo funy i blurted.
by Bojonna September 03, 2009
a noise made by blowing air out ones mouth and allowing ones lips to flap making a raspberry or whoopie cushion noise
i blurted at a baby on the tram today, his mum and the other passengers thought i was odd but me and the little guy knew it was funny.
by div April 10, 2007
Can be used in place of the word blast or go
give us a wee blurt.
by TheWorx December 18, 2006
slur on the female sex organs
malcom wants some blurt
by malcom March 04, 2005
A blurt is an Australian fart. Generally, a good blurt has a low pitch, and is of medium duration. The type where the gas escapes at just the right ratio of pressure to volume to cause the arsecheeks to get up a sort of rhythmic clapping motion, and the gas exits more or less as a series of pulses, to the great amusement of your mates. A good blurt when seated on an empty 44-gallon drum produces a sound like an orchestral drum-roll.
Bluey and Curley, two brickies labourers, are sitting on a timber plank, eating their lunch. Curley rips out a classic blurt, and the vibration along the timber causes Bluey's Vegemite sandwiches to rattle off the end of the plank.
by Hateful! May 09, 2006

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