a combination of the colors midnight blue, maroon, and silver metalic.
In acordence of paint when dry, you look at it in one direction it's blue and in the other it's purple. hence the name Blurple!
by Squeaky3160 January 25, 2009
its a substitution for any dirty word
"Whose blurple have you been touching?"
"What the blurple are you doing?"
"Are you schnoodling his blurple?"
by Heather Lyane Smith November 27, 2007
adj. - The color of Dark Kat.
Dark Kat is the color blurple.
by Dark Kat August 18, 2003
wack noises on burnt cds
i got the advance promo d12's new one, but it's got those fucking blurples
by thedevil April 03, 2004
The colour blue and purple.
"What's your favourite colour?"
"Hmm I can't choose, I'll have to say blurple"
by lozza :) June 20, 2015

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