the combination of blue and purple
"Dude, this blurple drink is tasty!"
"I love the new blurple paint!"
by Alex Puma February 08, 2008
cum bubble
dude your moms breath smells like she blew a blurple
by rybags September 05, 2010
A cross strain of marijuana that mixes Blueberry and Grand Daddy Purple. Very smooth purple flavor with smoke that leaves a blueberry smell in the air. Leaves of the plant are an iridescent bluish purple color, hence the name BLURPLE.
This Blurple is danky!
Mmm, I love the blurps!
by C to the R to the K February 26, 2007
The color combination of green and teal.
Guy 1:My car has a really nice paint.
Guy 2:What color is it?
Guy 1:Blurple!
Guy 2:I wish my car was blurple!
by itsTrunks January 14, 2012
the combination of black and purple
Friend 1- "Whats your favorite color?"
Friend 2- "Blurple."
Friend 1- "WTF is Blurple?"
Friend 2- "Black+Purple = Blurple."
by mayarose July 24, 2010
A mix between blue and purple: a color in between, or both colors next to each other.
I painted my car blurple.
I got a fish that's blue and purple, so I named him Blurple.
by Brian Kelly June 02, 2005
a combination of the colors midnight blue, maroon, and silver metalic.
In acordence of paint when dry, you look at it in one direction it's blue and in the other it's purple. hence the name Blurple!
by Squeaky3160 January 25, 2009

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