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The term BLumkin is when a man is sitting on the toilet taking a shit. And has his woman come in and give him head during the act of shitting.
"Bitch get your ass in here and give me a blumkin!"
by Gary B January 12, 2005
Giving someone head while they are taking a dump on the toilet
She gave me a blumkin
by Bigboy Jon May 10, 2008
the act of receiving head while taking a shit
Gerry (on the phone with Joe): "Dude I'm so horny, but I'm stuck on the toilet taking a massive shit."

Joe: "If I were you I'd get my girlfriend to give me a blumkin."

Gerry: "Oh yeah!! It's the perfect combination of the two things I love: sitting on the toilet and getting my dick sucked."
by nickqz October 10, 2009
When a guy is given a blowjob while taking a shit and eating his favorite sandwich
"Vanessa totally gave me a blumkin for my birthday last night. Turkey and swiss, hells ya!
by Foxxxlove February 16, 2009
Not only is it getting head while taking a dump but you have to actually splash water on her (or his) chin while receiving the blowjob
After she gave me a blumkin she didn't only have to wipe her mouth, she had to wipe her chin.
by Hobojoe75 December 20, 2008
getting a blojob as your taking a shit
my bitch gave me a blumkin dis mornin
by Tatanga February 14, 2008
(n.) A person that is a total asshole to everyone and doesn't realize it.

Sammy - Wanna order pizza?
Cam - Yeah, let's get sausage.
Brad - I rule.
Sammy - That kid is such a blumkin.
Cam - Word.
by PerfectLogic January 03, 2009
This is when some one, usually a male, masturbates whilst on the loo havin a shit.
Mum: You've bin ages in ther johnny. What you up to?
Johnny: I'm having a blumkin mum.
Mum: Ok then, judt don't be to long. Dinners ready in a minute. And wash your hands after!
Johnny: Yeh sure mum!
by the real nemo September 19, 2006
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