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when the person with a bluetooth headset is having a conversion on the headset but not speaking just listening, and all the while acknowledging and participated in a conversation with a person standing next to them. And all of the sudden start talking to the person on the headset and completely ignore the person that just walked up and started talking. If you are the person that got ignored then you have officially been bluetoothed.
I totally bluetoothed my boss earlier today and I emjoyed it
by chad633 February 22, 2009
Being fooled momentarily into thinking
you're having a conversation with someone
who may be looking at you, nodding, etc.,
but who is actually having a phone
conversation on wireless headset. Mutually
annoying as each party thinks the other is being rude.
Joe: I just got bluetoothed again by
the boss's secretary... I can never tell whether she's talking to me,
talking on the phone or talking to the voices in her head...

Moe: Ha ha, I carry a pad and paper deaf-mute style to communicate in the office any more...
by Hey Moe! May 16, 2009
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