having a foot fetish, feeling the irresistible need to suck on someones toes, also a gift by an idiotic boyfriend (is generally interpreted as a sex act). Is also used to confuse friends and blondes alike....
'damn, he gave me some nice blue socks last night, my feet are aching'


'ZOMG, what a retard, he gave me blue socks for my birthday!' 'gosh, how kinky'
by roslyn wilkins February 26, 2012
Top Definition
To have sex with someone in the anus so hard that a thin layer of their anus is left on your penis
Dude, I blue socked that bitch last night
by Jake February 03, 2005
To have anal sex with someone with such intensity, then upon pulling out the penis, it is covered in anal membrane.
Dude, I totally blue socked that bitch last night.
by Jake Connelly July 16, 2005
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