Big Long Toe
When the second toe on a persons foot is longer than the first toe.
Those strapless Heels look weird with her BLT sticking out
by scnavi February 04, 2010
BLT stands for Bossy Little Thing.
That little girl is a BLT.
by HayleeyBayleey December 18, 2006
1. Bacon Lettuce Tomoato (sandwich)
2. Big Left Tittie, as seen in the Rock Horror Picture Show
1. Oh man I'm so craving a BLT right now.... yum.
2. WTF, that chick has a BLT!
by rubber _duckie June 15, 2006
Bitches Love Texting
A girl that is always on here phone texting anyone and everyone non stop,BLT
by kosmoe September 02, 2008
n. a female hermaphrodite, who has the legs and tits or a woman, but the balls of a man, hence Balls, Legs, Titties, or BLT.
Whoa dude, that chick is packin a sack! Must be a BLT.
by MC Derf & gjelstiznles August 17, 2006
Bacon Letus and Tomato
I'd like a BLT sub sandwich hold the mayo please.
by Scott August 28, 2002
"Black Like Tar". A word used to describe someone that is imperatively dark.
Friend 1: "Yo, did you see how dark that guy was?
Friend 2: "That was some BLT shit man!"
by TimP. September 21, 2007

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