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1. to become successful in a short period of time
Nate's been blowing up in the mortgage business since rates went down
by Nate bednarek April 30, 2004
53 26
1.) when you receice numerous phone calls in a short period of time.
2.) anytime someone is calling your cell phone.
1.) Man, your blowin' up tonight.
2.) Hold on a sec, I'm blowin' up.
by juice November 12, 2003
209 54
person with a cell phone that is constantly ringing nonstop.
DAMN! im blowin up again, this shit just wont stop.
by TwitChy November 13, 2003
100 22
v. Experiencing the climax, or ultimate peak, of an ecstasy trip.
"Shit man, I'm seriously blowing up right now."

"It's all in your head, I gave you an advil..."
by callinghome November 01, 2004
81 51
The time when the most intense effects of ecstacy are felt.
I started blowing up after an hour when I took that roll. I was fucked up!
by Priscilla November 14, 2003
57 35
1) When you recieve various phone calls in a short period of time.
2) All of the innocent Iraqi citizens after George W. Bush claimed he found mass weapons of destruction
1) "Damn girl, you're blowing up!"
2) "That woman over there just blew up! Damn, the whole damn country is blowing up."
by Kristen December 01, 2003
42 29
the act of going from one piece to many pieces in a short space of time, C4 or TNT used to speed up process
hoho, look at him, he's blowing up *SPLAT*
by hex_ten December 01, 2003
36 23