An obnoxious blond pot head with friends that are too hot for him. He thinks he's great, but it beyond wrong.
Ew, when blondie walked by i wanted to gag.
by Jake Coolson February 28, 2008
Is a The name of Great Person From Brisbane, Australia and Is reconized for their incredable Blonde Hair and was First Giving this name by Blacky But was also made famous by "Whitey & Niglet"
Anika: Blondieeee!!

Blondie: Niglet!!
by Blondie Rowbotham September 22, 2008
a nickname given to a person that doesn't know how to spell, gets confused on a constant basis, and is a blast to hang with cuz they always make up funny stuff
Her nickname is blondie.
by stealth2019 April 21, 2006
A name given to blondes....some dumb other not. Usually an insult
"Hey blondie move over"
by Some55 May 30, 2005
The woman who is submissive to Dagwood in the comic strip. Also describes super hot stripper types who like hip hop music and soul food cooks.
Blondie needs to get off of Cedric the Entertainer's jock. Please hurry up and take him home because it's bad for business.
by major_delmac February 28, 2005
One of many dumbass people.
"A blondie and a brunette jump off a building, which one hits the ground first......
the brunette, cause the blondie had to stop the the 30th floor to ask for directions."
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
Someone who is realli stupid
YOU are such a blondie!!!
by Sabrina October 31, 2004

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