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Psychopath is a person that is mentally unbalanced and poor human control as they have a deranged and disturbed mind; their personalities are crazy demented, perverted, criminal, amoral and unpredictable. They exhibit antisocial behavior, inability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, they're often prone to committing violent acts, have extreme egocentricity and show no remorse and empathy for anything that they have done, that is either embarrassing or crazy and don't care about anyone who they hurt as they care about nobody else, except for themselves. They fail to learn from the consequences of bad experiences whenever something has gone wrong as they're impossible to be disciplined and they don't learn from their past mistakes and take it out on others.

A psychopath can also be a sadist as well, which can make them even more dangerous and more violent. As there is a difference a sadist on its own can feel a small bit of remorse of that a psychopath cannot.

And most psychopaths are killers and dangerous, not all psychopaths are serial killers and homicidal maniacs.

A psychopath is on the same level and has similar traits to a sociopath such as being manipulative and inability to feel remorse and shame, but psychopaths are worse and most of them are murderous (but not always) while sociopaths are against society.
You're a psychopath! What you did was wrong!! You don't care what you did.. YOU'RE MAD!!!
#psychopath #crazy #mentally unstable #killer #madman
by Superweapon221 August 02, 2013
A megalomaniac is a self-centered, power-crazed egomaniac that is obsessed with their goals for conquering cities and countries and world domination, they're rather over-obsessed with power rather than actual conquest. They also often fantasize of greatness, fame, wealth, grandeur, omnipotence predominate and servitude. Because of all the power driving them to becoming critically insane their minds are separated from reality since they also don't care what happens to anything at all as they care about themselves.

Despite having the word maniac in the name of them being a megalomaniac, it does not mean they are always clinically insane.
People in the second group have a slight case of megalomania. And yet they are obsessed with world domination as on their record they was labeled a megalomaniac
#megalomaniac #power_hungry #egomaniac #dictator #lord
by Superweapon221 August 01, 2013
A nickname for a cute or pretty blonde girl. (Nothing to describe for a male blondie yet)
Hey Blondie, how are ya?
#blondie #blonde girl #cute #pretty #yellow hair
by Superweapon221 August 01, 2013
A darker haired blonde girl as she is called a blondie. Usually brownish blondes are Dirty Blondes / Dirty Blondies.

What is described as a girl that is a dirty blonde.
Can be used for a nickname.
This girl was Blondie now she's Dirty Blondie
#dirty blondie #blonde girl #cute #pretty #yellow / brown hair
by Superweapon221 August 01, 2013
Dark, goth person.

Grim person that is ghastly

A person that likes the dark

Cold person who likes being in the shadows

A very chummily person
Lets go to the graveyard at night, we are a grimlies. Lets make a goth group later called Club Grimly
#grimly #goth #grim #dark #cold
by Superweapon221 August 01, 2013
A person who ultimately has a hatred, extreme dislike, completely abuses and mistrusts women.

Misogynists may see girls and women as evil, debased or even subhuman and mere objects, which is wrong. Although associated mainly with males it is possible for females to be misogynists as well.
This guy at my school is a misogynist, a lot of girls that aren't friends with him and they hate him as he hates them their rather enemies and he has a complete hate for them as he describes them as demons.
#misogyny #hate #dislike #abuse #mistrust
by Superweapon221 August 01, 2013
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