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1. A blonde person.
2. A band famous for "Heart Of Glass" and "Call Me"
by Harry Nutts September 17, 2012
A term used to call people "stupid".

We use the word "blondie" because usually, the blonde girls are kind of stupid.
(That's what people say)

Some people consider it as an ofense, some other don't.
Girl: What do you mean with that?
Boy: LOL, why are you so blondie?
by imactuallyquiteblondie November 12, 2013
A brownie made with white chocolate or vanilla.
I'm gonna make some pot blondies. Do you want any?
by Jenny S. May 24, 2006
Blondie (can be spelled Blondie, Blondy or Blondi) is term technically sometimes used to refer to a person with blond hair.

It is an can be a nickname to others with blonde hair, other times there are variations of it called Blonderella, Blondette or etc..

Dirty blondes can be Dirty Blondie which is a variation of another Blondie.
*to a blonde girl that is your friend* Hi Blondie
by Superweapon624 March 05, 2014
A nickname for a cute or pretty blonde girl. (Nothing to describe for a male blondie yet)
Hey Blondie, how are ya?
by Superweapon221 August 01, 2013
Adolf Hitler's German Shephard's name. The Love Of His Life. HH
Fuck those Jews, I have blondie by my side!
by Lacey<3Andy July 10, 2008
A term used for poeple who talk blondish. She's always moving her head and rolling her eyes while talking to people for absolutely no reason. She talks with attitude and people are like wtf? Likes being the center of attention and is veryyy overdramatic. Also known as a melon. Thinks all guys are after her o.0 Eww.
Me: Did you see that Blondie rolling her eyes while talking to me again!?
Mike: That fucker....what a Natalia!
by The Unknown Sluts February 28, 2009