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blondly laughing out loud or blonde laughing out loud(to be used by true blonds only)
Hilary: Ohmygod that was so funny!
Joey: I know! I was blol-ing!
by joeyandhilary November 04, 2009
Used to describe something that is more than hilarious
Your joke about that guy's haircut was blol.
by Ren August 06, 2004
blol is a messenger short hand meaning Big Laugh Out Loud
It can be used in a messenger or text convo either when something funny or when you dont no what to say:

Blol that was funi or

Person 1: wuu2?
Person 2: nm blol
by Tuggers March 26, 2008
The origins of "blol" are still somewhat vague, but it has begun to replace "lol" in most texting and email use. the B could stand for "big", although some have speculated it could be "barely".

The other point of contention is how it's pronounced. Accepted pronunciations:

She smelled like tuna, blol.

And that was the last time we got to call him chinky, blol.
by Hadi September 24, 2012
Blol is a acronym for blog lol.
Blol means a LOL subject in a weblog.
by Gábor June 20, 2006
barely laughing out loud
"blol... good one, dude... but i'm not in the mood to laugh..."
by bluballibomb August 30, 2006