Self-deluded self-expression. Also, misuse of the internet.
Danielle has a 'blog' *chuckle*. That bitch is messed up!
by Kumar Nahimaputalam February 14, 2006
n. A contracted form of the phrase "bloated dog", referring to the all too average sub-mediocre content found on such distinguished websites as MySpace and LiveJournal.
My blog is bigger than yours.
by Rowsdower October 09, 2005
Boring. Consists of uninteresting entries about one's life in a small screen resolution using a ridiculously stupid format and/or loaded with links. Also mandated by law to contain 5 gigabytes of political banners/videos/documents
"Now don't read the blogs Jimmy, don't forget your brother committed suicide after reading those!"

I hate blogs.

"D00d check out my bl0g!!"
*response* "How about you check out the edge of my knife?"
by Crunkonius January 03, 2006
A place for illiterate morons to talk about their life that _nobody_ cares about. I think its really about how annoying you can make the looping background music. Or could it be about how many alert boxes you can fit in to one site? Oh Oh I know, it's about the overlapping text nobody can read. Wait...or could it be the ugly color schemes that they didn't even make. No it's really about how badly you can spell, and how much you can copy everyone elses.

Xanaga was made by the FBI to catch kids posting pics of them drinking, and smoking at parties. JK :P
Blogs usually consists of:
lol HAY GUYZ i kepen it krunk rofl
hey pimps and hoes well wut is nuthin much but here is my weekend
LEVE COMANTS PLZ!!!!!!!1111111one1
by RubMe3Times October 04, 2005
A web log that no longer has useless personal moments of one's life that nobody cares about, but instead has stuff in latin, chinese, spanish and italian, and when in english, is usually about hair care products, condoms, newspaper headlines, or cut+copy+paste jobs from wikipedia or
Basically a load of shit you never want to read.
head over to and keep clicking on next
by Gunkglumb May 18, 2005
A clog in your toilet.
Aw, damn! I've got another blog in the toilet. Better call Plumber Joe!
by Daniel Bryant August 20, 2005
A short/contradiction for 'web log'.

It is a sort of diary. The person who owns this blog usually posts his/her opinions, feelings or he/she just posts something they did that day.

Most blogs are now owned by 12-year-old kids that tell us uninteresting stories, which are spelled poorly and I'm not even talking about use of grammar.
Check out my blog. I update it every day.


Ch3kz0r outt mah bel0gsz0r!!1`one I r be t3h upd4tz0n4terat0r itz0r ev3rydaj!!
by Sapphire X January 04, 2005

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