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Club-Casual is how you dress when you're going for dinner and then clubbing, usually with co-workers or old friends. You don't want to be uncomfortable all night, but you want to look great and be able to dance.
Wear dress pants or a skirt and sweater or golf shirt. Black or white is always hot at the clubs.
by Zilla December 16, 2004
Blog is short for "web log" a popular way to journal your life online for everyone to read.

When you're with someone and something blog-worthy happens, then you say "Blog It" to them. It is a suggestion for the other person to note the incident in their blog.
Neil: "I can't believe that just happened."

Chad: "Dude, you have to Blog It."
by Zilla December 14, 2004
Christmas-Casual is a style of dressing yourself for a Christmas party or when you're going to "meet the parents."

You want to look formal yet be comfortable.
A nice sweater and dress pant would be suitable.
by Zilla December 16, 2004
When something happens in your day that is worth mentioning on your blog (web log).
Mike, "I can't believe that just happened. That is totally crazy."

Chad, "Make sure you Blog It."

MIke, "Ya, that is totally blog-worthy."
by Zilla December 14, 2004
Monkey strummers with knit caps jumping up and down. Playing only two or three muddy bar chords. NO LEAD. They call this nu-metal? I call it Neutered Metal!
MTV...I rest my case!
by zilla November 30, 2003
Neutered Metal is some funny dude monkey strumming two or three muddy chords with a knit cap on jumping up and down. AND NO LEAD GUITAR!...This stuff is REAL funny!
Just watch MTV. I rest my case!
by Zilla November 30, 2003
"Better Than Real Life" Used by otakus and the like to describe video games or anime shows that they would prefer to exist in.
The FFXI is totally btrl!
by Zilla March 03, 2004
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