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From "Peanuts" by Charles Schultz. A term used to describe a sort of clumsy person or idiot. Used by the character Lucy towards Charlie Brown.
"You picked the worse tree on the lot! You're such a block head Charlie Brown".
by xris October 18, 2005
63 47
A bitch who give err'body on tha block head.
I bounce in the club so the hoes call me Rocky,
Posted in the cut, and i'm looking for a blockhead.
by Daniel C. June 04, 2006
113 100
A name for a person who is a DUMB or just an ASS HOLE.

A ignorent person, a person who makes stupid comments, a person you dislike to the fullest amount.
James: Was up Bob
Quan: Moe, Aaliyah got me guhh in 3rd period today.
James: What her nuggetdy head ass say now?
Quan: Son, she went some "Quan yousa cold bitch" off some random shit.
James:Her "Block head" ass.
by cocopuff_3410 December 04, 2010
27 15
The Harley-Davidson Evolution engine, or Evo, is sometimes also called the Blockhead. It is an air-cooled, 45 degree V-Twin motorcycle engine manufactured by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company since 1984, with an 82 cubic inch (1,340 cc) displacement, replacing the "obsolete" Shovelhead engine, until 1999 when it was replaced by the Twin-Cam 88. Most analysts consider the Evolution to be the engine that saved Harley-Davidson from certain bankruptcy.
Wow, that Blockhead in in your 83 Harley FXWG has 400,000 miles on it!!! That's crazy!!!
by Rohrby March 07, 2011
9 4
A Female Who gives their whole block pleasure.
"That Block head gave me and tyrone head!"
by Trina N Elissa January 21, 2006
46 41
An ignorant or stubborn person. A person who wont take advice from anyone.
I tried helpin dude out but he's a fuckin block head.
by trilla11 April 07, 2009
12 8
he is a funny flash animation character created by michael swain. Blockhead is very stupid, and has a short attention span. He celebrates Ghostmas on random days, and dosn't listen to his conscience. His conscience looks like a grouchy old man that tells Blockhead not to do stupid things. He dosn't listen though.
person 1: What are you watching, it looks stupid.
person 2: Its not stupid, its funny; Blockhead rox!!
by Sarah Cool Person January 02, 2008
39 35