A HOE,a fast bitch, a easy girl, trick , tease, bitch, slut,a girl who always gets down on the first night, known for bad shit, has reputation, gets played daily, caters to guys but guys dont cater 2 her back
you know dat block head named tonya yea man dat bitch sucked my dick and let me hit on the first night.
a female or a hoe who gives major head

a female who gives head alot and anywhere
That beezie a blockhead. She gave up dome head da other day.
by ~*l@d33_bR@cKaL!s!oUs*~ May 23, 2006
a gurl wh0 gives erry0ne 0n tha block head
i g0t this bitch named bl0ck head, she g0t a bl0ck head, and after every bl0ck party she give tha wh0le blockhead!-D4L!
by miss freak March 30, 2006
a gurl who suck everybody dick
T.J:miaya sucked everybody dick and marcus party
Derrick: man i can't go wit her now she a damn blockhead
by Ms.Sherrill May 25, 2007
a female or trick ass ho who gives erbody she can on da block head she a block head
I bounce in the club so the hoes call me Rocky,
Posted in the cut, and i'm looking for a blockhead. By D4L
by keafette AKA keke October 01, 2006
a female who has had sexual intercouse with the people of her neighborhood
Dont mess with her she is a blockhead
by lilm September 28, 2006
A type of circus performer who hammers nails, screws, etc into their heads. Holes are usually surgically drilled into the nasal cavity to allow them to do amazing stunts.
Jim Rose of his own self-named circus sideshow is an amazing BLOCK HEAD... I saw him hammer 2 nails into his face and then have his head stomped while his face was in a plate of broken glass beer-bottles.
by Teej12321 February 08, 2006

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