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When two guys fuck one girls pussy at the same time, while coordinating their thrusting such that when one is moving in, the other is moving out; thus simulating the piston action of a V-Twin motorcycle engine. If the timing is not correct it only qualifies as a DV. It is recommended that only good friends attempt this because getting the timing right can be tricky.
Did you and Dave V-Twin that slut from last night?

No, that motherfucker doesn't have any rhythm. We just gave her a DV.
by Hank_ November 22, 2010
when a woman is pleasured by inserting a fist in the anus and vagina and thrusting back and fourth immitating a v twin motorcycle engine.
Dude the best thing happend last night
whats that?
i gave sarah the V TWIN!!!
oh man that chick got wrecked! nice!
by themankiller November 25, 2010
V-twin is a type of motorcycle engine, featuring two cylinders, in the form of a V. V-twin engines are most well know for their use in Hardly-Ableson failbikes and Ducati and Buell wanna-be sportbikes. All engines of this type are characterized by a rumbling, glugging sound, with tones that create the impression of imminent disintegration. This is actually not uncommon. Other Characteristics of the V-Twin are incomplete and inefficient combustion, extremely low horsepower per cubic centimeter, high weight, and middle-aged-to older, often obese, riders. They are useful, however, in being the engine in the 2010 Buell Blast, the best V-twin ever. It also provides an engine for inline-4 engines to be much better than.
The new Buells look kinda like sportbikes, but they have V-twins too keep you from getting in trouble.
by tehguyxor October 31, 2009
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