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The ease and opportunity with which one can "Do" a potential partner. Commonly used in tandem with "Attractiveness" as its co-value to score a "Hottie" on a scale of 1 to 10.

*See Attractiveness/Accessibility Scale
"Ugh, her face and body are a 4 but I bet her accessibility is an 8, easy!"
by Bakkaratorz September 01, 2006
Hotness: 1-10
Accessibility: 1-10

Take a calculator, add both scores, and divide by two. That is the offical scale for hotties
"Using the Attractiveness/Accessibility scale, Halle Berry is a 10 hotness but 0 access, and the old toothless senile grandma at the rest home is a 0 hotness but if you say you're grandpa she's a 10 accessibility. So Grandma and Halle Berry are the same!"
by Bakkaratorz September 01, 2006
A sideshow freak that inserts/hammers/screws various things into his or her head for money
Next! Gary The Blockhead will hammer 5 nails into his nose!
by Bakkaratorz September 04, 2006
A code phrase to get the attention of another male and alert him to the presence of a potentially "Do-Able" female, conformation of said hotness is often followed with finger signs on a 1 to 10 scale
Person 1:"Durka Durka? hmm?"
Person 2:"eh..." 5 fingers
by Bakkaratorz September 01, 2006

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