A person who looks good a block away but is ugly up close.
"Dude, did you see that girl?"
"Nah, man, she's a blocker. You've seen her face, right?"
by stormyl January 26, 2009
A person that blocks everyone else 's progress in life.
Blocker people will block you by driving slower than posted speed. or that block you by talking on cell phones while placing an order, or block you by having to call someone to ask their opinion on a possible purchase while in check out. Basically those are blockers that can't make up their mind and stand there blocking every one else from doing their tasks.
by Possumn October 03, 2010
A slang method used to refer to BluBlocker sunglasses.
Yo, check out Gordon and his fresh new pair of Blockers.
by Not_even19 April 12, 2011
Any substance that blocks reality temporarily, legal or not. Also can be something that prevents access such as a locked gate.
I can't do (whatever activity eg drive) as had too many blockers. Can also use blocked. Eg Too many blockers today so I'm fully blocked. Combinations - This gates blocked and i can't undo it cause I'm too blocked.
by cradle snatcher March 13, 2008
When a girl wears tight pants and big panties under em.
Yo tina got a phat ass but them panties are huge, she blocking.
by Dan The Mizzan May 16, 2005
A person who is in your way. Often fat and usually unobservant to notice where they are.
I can't get through the door. A blocker is talking to someone in the doorway.
by Main Man June 29, 2006
One who blocks, or engages in the act of blocking frequently.
Bob: Hey john, whats up with antony lately

John: I don't know, he's being a huge blocker
by doughmanfro January 09, 2010
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