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very unpleasant dream (nightmare) occurring during REM sleep relating to FFCD that can be remembered upon awakening.
first fear cycle of development cause fever dreams
by le1 October 15, 2007
When the position you're in is so disastrous that something has to be done to improve it. Otherwise it may come to an end.
Freddie and Fannie... yet have survived under the implicit understanding that the US Government will always bail them out if push came to shove...

BBC news
by le1 September 07, 2008
The desire to create or work on someone, something until it's perfect.
Some plastic surgeons have Pygmalion complex
(while working on their patients).
by le1 December 11, 2007
use your strength to get in, force yourself in,
do everything in your power to get to the destination, to achieve goal etc.
If you can't get through, you're stuck, push and shove, you'll get there quicker.
by le1 September 07, 2008
Walled garden restricts web browsing to specific content preventing user from accessing broad array of websites.
Apple's ipod promote walled garden service through it's itunes store.
by le1 February 29, 2008
Major bugs in software development that have to be fixed before release of RC or even final product.
Blockers have to be fixed before shifting to another phase of SD.
by le1 March 08, 2008
1. The human head
2. The uppermost part of the body
we're still scratchin' our noggins after figuring out what he's done
by le1 November 09, 2007

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