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A female who looks attractive when she is viewed a block away, but, when she is viewed again closely, does not.
So the other day, I thought I saw my true love when I saw this hot chick crossing the street, but when she passed me by, she was only a blocker.

Courtney Love is a blocker.
by user001 October 20, 2004
27 30
'Blocker' has recently been used in parts South Wales as a word to describe being high or stoned on cannabis.
"I went out and had a coulple of J's last night and I was blocker!"


"You look blocker!"
by Ceri March 05, 2006
3 8
A person who is from one of the former Easter Block communist countries like Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia etc...
My girlfriend is from Poland. She's a blocker.
by Charlie_ January 03, 2006
4 9