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a wad of cash
I sold my old rims for cash to some sucka and made mad bank. Yo, look at this block of cheese I got now.
by Poop Stain Barney November 28, 2010
The act of giving a woman oral sex from behind. (It tastes good but it smells bad)
Taylor totally did the block of cheese to Chelsea last night!
by theloligager November 19, 2013
A strand of weed that originated in Akutan Alaska. known to have hallucinogenic effects mainly because of the mystery plants that were originally grown with the cheese. It is called a "Block of Cheese" because of its ability to transform different effects when smoking it when you age it.
The Block of Cheese caused me to climb to the top of my house ass naked!!!
by Mayor Bombauch April 05, 2011
Blue balls; a vulgar term used to describe the dull pain incurred by an imaginary accumulation (and curdling of said accumulation)of ejaculate in the testes.
I haven't had sex with my girl in a while. When i do I'm gonna drop a block of cheese in that ass.
by DarqMage May 12, 2008
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