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Adjective: Appearing to have a detached, yet cheerful, disposition.

(Often used dismissively as a way to bring up someone's improper behavior.)
Her blithe manner made her oblivious to the faux pas she committed.
by Sir Reality June 16, 2015
In Gears of War, it's the Locusts' version of penis.
"Suck my blithe," said the Theron Guard.
by eXpurt January 20, 2007
the ability to make the opposite sex fart when you want them too. On command you can control the flatulence of others.
jerry made elizabeth fart because he has the power of blithe.
by davey February 07, 2004
A fat person who looks like a piece of shit and wants to get anal raped by a cow.
"If I didn't know ur name was holga, I would think that u were blithe ur fat bastard!!"
by ilove anal sex December 02, 2007
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